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round [ round ] 1
  1. having a flat, circular surface, as a disk.

  2. ring-shaped, as a hoop.

  3. curved like part of a circle, as an outline.

The Background

The roundy()'s algorithm bases on the previous works like artTangram(), artPiping() and, duct(). In addition to them, it has a grid system that can be shifted to produce layers with different grids.

The Layers

There are mostly 4 layers for each canvas.

  1. Foreground rings: main element, always clear white

  2. Faded rings: secondary element, with different three opacity ranges

  3. Quarter circles: complementary element, works together with the main element

  4. In between rings: bonus element, not always exists

The Grid

The main grid can be minimum 3x3. The maximum grid count bases on the canvas size and it is likely around 12x12 on the most screens.

The Color Palettes

There are 2 color palettes:

  1. Bg: Black, Fg: White

  2. Bg: A color, Fg: White


Project Details:

Number of Versions: 1

Number of Editions: 15



Link: roundy()

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