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Places of Existence

A society narrative through architectural forms

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Places of Existence weaves a narrative of society through an interplay of geometric forms. Each box within the composition symbolizes an individual, collectively contributing to an overarching entity that mirrors the complexities of real-world societies. The key elements, namely chaos, harmony, connectivity, impact, resilience, and diversity, serve as the building blocks for this digital representation.

Chaos disrupts harmony, introducing an element of disarray, while harmony, as the cornerstone, cultivates a sense of unity among the entities. Connectivity measures the proximity of individuals, shaping the scale of their togetherness. Impact determines the society's reach, influenced by its inherent properties and the entity's size. Resilience acts as a counterforce to chaos, tempering its effects and preserving order. Finally, diversity introduces physical variations among individuals, adding a layer of complexity to the overall composition.

Places of Existence invites viewers to contemplate the nuanced dynamics of societal structures, encapsulating the balance of order and disorder within the digital realm crafted using the language of Three.js.

Places of Existence is still available to mint on project's Foundation and Highlight pages.

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