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The architecture of freedom

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“…the box was a fascist symbol and the architecture of freedom/democracy needed something besides the box.” Frank Lloyd Wright

Freeplan explores the early 20th-century modernist architectural concept “open plan” which indicates the dissolution of rooms and the visual building boundaries. Instead of conventional boxes, freely placed partitions, floors, structures, and other elements create a feeling of space. The transaction hash determines the overall architectural composition, context, existence of components, and representation style. Each iteration is scaled, oriented, and numbered like a proper architectural project.

A couple of months after the project launched, Galo Canizares mentioned Freeplan in his essay "Can Architects Learn From Generative Art?" in The Architect's Newspaper.

You can find further information about Freeplan on the blog. Also, SolidNFT provides the perfect medium to convey the raw and austere feeling of Freeplans. You can read about the service and have a Freeplan printed on metal here.

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